Mondegreen Leadership Ltd

Mondegreen Leadership Ltd provides bespoke and deeply immersive workshops in which participants are able to experience being right inside a high performing team. Central to our sessions is learning and performing an extract from an opera in four part harmony complete with staging – in just a couple of hours.

We regularly work in association with leading business schools and other partner organisations, and are also proud to offer stand-alone sessions, providing expert consultancy support as needed. Our approach is flexible, and we work closely with our clients to ensure our offer is precisely tailored to fit their needs. During a typical session with Mondegreen Leadership, participants:

  • Work to an ambitious goal in an uncertain environment
  • Come together as a team without a clear personal sense of precisely what will work
  • Experience for themselves the power of positive feedback
  • Feel first hand the importance of psychological safety and trust as the basis for effective collaboration
  • Recognise the need to do, not discuss
  • Experience how shared purpose facilitates teams coming together to create a harmonious whole

Our artistic team is made up of professionals at the top of their game who work at the highest level, both nationally and internationally. All are experienced in working in executive learning and development environments. We recognise that many people feel daunted by the idea of singing and performing with others. Our facilitators use their experience of working with hundreds of senior leaders in a wide range of private and public sector organisations to quickly create a mutually supporting, trusting and collaborative environment where every individual feels comfortable and able to fully participate.

We commission our own arrangements of operatic repertoire from award winning composers, enabling us to tailor each session according to the needs of our host organisation. No one gets left behind, and all are left with the emotions of what it feels like to be part of a high performing team, as opposed to simply knowing how to describe one.

At Mondegreen Leadership Ltd, we create the energy. We create an environment people enjoy being in. Everyone leaves newly invigorated, with a song in their heart and a spring in their step and – crucially – an emotional connection to a wealth of learning points.

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