Suzi Zumpe


Suzi Zumpe is a vocal leader, facilitator and singer. She is skilled at teaching complex material to a broad range of people, regardless of their musical background or experience. As comfortable teaching by ear as she is working with groups who read notation, Suzi uses lots of imagery to broaden singers’ range of vocal colour, draw them out of ‘bland land’ and help them to communicate with their audience. She frequently collaborates with composers and directors devising new work.

Suzi regularly trains large groups, working with challenging repertoire and imparting good singing technique stealthily along with the way. An engaging communicator, she connects with people of all ages and abilities, and gets outstanding vocal performances from performers, experienced and inexperienced alike. She understands intimately what people need to be able to give their best and her clear and decisive guidance empowers performers to succeed.

A passionate believer in equality of opportunity and in developing untapped potential, Suzi is particularly interested in providing opportunities for talented young people who may not previously have had access to opera.

Companies with whom Suzi has recently worked include Southbank Centre, The Royal Opera House, Garsington Opera at Wormsley, English National Opera, The Royal Academy of Music, Spitalfields Music, Aurora Orchestra, Glyndebourne Opera, Monteverdi Choir and Orchestras and the The Grange Festival.

In addition to her work in the field of opera and music, Suzi is a founding partner at Better Performance, where together with colleagues from the world of business, she has devised a leadership development programme in which musical performance is used as a tool to enable participants to experience being right inside a high performing team.

Companies with whom Better Performance has recently worked include London Business School,  HSBC Santander, Unilever, CMS (CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang), Healthcare at Home, DLA Piper, Henley Business School and LBC Wise Counsel.

Suzi is a Londoner, born and bred. Growing up she played violin and piano, but singing was always what drew her most. She attended The Purcell School of Music and was subsequently a music scholar at City of London School for Girls, going on to study music at The University of Manchester. After graduating, she gained a place on The Knack, Mary King’s prestigious performance course for young singers, part of English National Opera’s Baylis Programme.

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