‘Together this group sound spine-tinglingly good; they sing with controlled power and there is an extra thrill in hearing “normal” kids singing this refined fare’

Emma Pomfret on ROH Youth Opera Company, About the House magazine.
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‘Power to the children in this revival of Carmen, and high fives to the Royal Opera House Youth Opera Company, to Suzi Zumpe their vocal director and to their stage director William Edelstein for helping them steal the show.’

Mark Valencia reviews ROH’s Carmen, What’s on Stage
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‘Here were primary school children, teenagers, professional singers, members of a women’s refuge, ex-military personnel… even Sassoon’s own great-nephew lent voice to a chorus of roof-raising passion and purpose.’

Helen Wallace on Silver Birch, Arts Desk
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‘Leonard Bernstein, born 100 years ago, would have loved the big energies and emotions harnessed by this show.’

Mark Allan reviews Bernstien’s Mass, The Times

‘The Celebrant’s three acolytes – trebles Maia Greaves, Leo Jemison and Freddie Jemison – tugged heartstrings throughout and especially in their ‘Lauda, laude’ music towards the end; and the many choirs covered every aspect of diversity and sang out with infectious conviction.

Peter Reed reviews Bernstein’s Mass, Classical Source